Our Services

We provide you with the complete services needed to dominate your local market online. With us, you get incredible web design and development, SEO (search engine optimization) services, your business listing, advertising and marketing, and insight and reports on how these campaigns are boosting your leads. Our primary focus with SEO and digital marketing is helping businesses use web development and web design techniques to increase sales and revenue, expand their customer and client base, and retain those clients for life. We can help with Google map advertising, professional SEO services, web design services, PPC management, social media advertising, and optimization. You can bring us in at any stage of your marketing to boost your ranking for relevant search keywords on Google, make your website more user-friendly, and assist in creating more leads through your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your business higher in search results and maximizing your website’s potential growth and profits. You don’t always need ads and discounts to get your name out there! We help you target the traffic relevant to your business by optimizing your website, ranking it for you to get the right people looking in your direction, and increasing your business. We are free to consult with you via phone, email, and video chat anywhere!

web design

Web Design and Development

No website? No problem! DevsTek can develop and design a beautiful site for you and begin ranking it immediately with our web design service. We make it easy to create a website for “Google friendly.” We can do a one-time website design with on-site SEO or continue with off-site SEO after it’s built to optimize it fully.

We would watch and tweak many factors over time to get your website to the top of the list. Then, when your website begins displaying in front of the right people who are ACTIVELY looking for your product or services, you will gain website traffic, brand recognition, and more business.

Our Core Services



Our SEO services Attract and retain clients and customers through search engines by targeting specific markets in need of YOUR product or service. How to improve website traffic and performance – With search engine optimization, we can increase traffic, calls, purchases, memberships, etc.

Web Design

Your web design must have a purpose. We design and build websites to impact sales, growth, and lead generation. DevsTek is right here in your backyard. ‚ÄčIf you already have a website, let us look at where you could improve your content, keywords, rankings, etc.

Local SEO

Google Busines Profile (GBP) Today, local reputation management services have become more popular with the advent of the internet, social media, and business listing websites like Google Maps how to improve Google local or map search ranking. This is a great way to create professionalism.

Pay Per Click

Name your price: One of the most attractive advantages of PPC (pay per click) is the ability to choose how much you pay for the ad campaign. As a marketing agency, We collect, analyze, and interpret each campaign to ensure we are practical and useful by using the right keywords, phrases, etc.

Google Pack 3

Most users use the phrase “near me” while searching on google. So Google wants to give users a perfect answer to their search. Google pack 3 is the best answer for all the local searches, which means Google will show only 3 businesses on a google map, leading to big relevant traffic on the website.

Social Media Management

Social media gives you or your business a platform with a sense of community. Gain new followers and leads by sharing news, discounts, exclusive promotions, and interactive posts. Engage users and fans with contests and giveaways that promote your products or services and motivate users to follow your updates.

Get Free Consultation

We will review what you already have and determine what we can do to increase your growth.

We will have some friendly questions for you and your business to understand the depths of your needs.

We will dig deep and research all the information we need to create a personal plan specific to your business that YOU feel confident in.

With a free marketing consultation, we can identify your current strengths, weaknesses, and potential for long-term success. We will take the time to account for local elements, unique opportunities, and your individual business goals. We want to understand the big picture of what you are looking for in your business and help you determine the best course of action needed to reach that point. We understand that running a successful business and building your online presence requires more than just a prettied-up homepage and a high-quality product or service. We’ve got you covered here whether you need professional SEO services for small businesses or large, website design services, PPC management, we do it all.